"Performance Alchemy"

"Performance Alchemy" is a virtual class that transmutes a person's ability to stay connected, sensitive and playful through physical comedy.


Whether you are an actor by trade or a human being interested in cultivating your sense of connection with others, this class will stretch your ability to "play" in any situation. By using clowning exercises, we’ll focus on developing one's comedic view point while staying grounded. Participants leave class with the ability to make physical, decisive choices that leave people fully invested in your performance-- no matter how absurd. We work on:

  • Physicality

  • Listening

  • Connection with Oneself and Others

  • Authenticity

  • Point of View

  • Exploring Impulses

  • Playing with the Audience, instead of just for

  • How to Play with Failure and Get in “Trouble”

For pricing and schedule, please reach out here.

Private Coaching

For those interested in delving further into honing their skills as a performer, individual and group coaching sessions are available. This offering is ideal for people that are ambitious about refining their comedic point of view on the stage or screen. Timing varies as each session is fully tailored to the individuals.

For rates, please reach out here.

Virtual Cacao Ceremony

Attend a virtual Cacao Ceremony to invite abundance into your life, connect with others in an  empathetic way and celebrate the moon cycle. Through this ritual, we honor the natural energetic flow of the cosmos--- setting intentions on the New Moon and releasing what no longer serves us on the Full. Each ceremony includes working with cacao, solo/ group movement-work, a small sound bath and visualization through meditation.

Private and public events are available. For pricing and schedule, please reach out here.

Tarot Reading

A tarot reading can illuminate the next step in any endeavor-- whether that be love, career or how to align more fully with one's path. By incorporating intuitive insights, shamanic life coaching and tarot cards, tune into ways to serve your highest self. The recommended length of this offering is 1-hour.

For rates, please reach out here.

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